Every Body is Welcome


We pride ourselves in being an establishment for every body. Individuals of every experience level, orientation, gender, body type, singles, couples and all are invited to join us. We seek to be as accessible as possible. If you have needs, please let us know what they may be and we will always try to accommodate. Our only requirement is that students be 18 years or older.

A Safe Space

We seek to create a space that is accessible, beautiful, respectful and safe for exploring ideas. Your privacy is protected. There is no explicit nudity. You will laugh, you will learn and your personal space and boundaries will be respected.

You Are the Expert on Your Body

We love that you arrive with a knowledge base. We take pleasure in reaffirming what you know and inspiring you in new ways. We acknowledge that you are the expert on your body and experiences.

We Foster Curiosity

Curiosity is a beautiful thing. To foster your curiosity, we seek the highest quality sex educators with a focus on pleasure, anatomy, response, health, wellness, body image, art, culture and business. We invite your feedback because we are curious to know what excites you!


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