Who attends these classes?

We invite individuals of every experience level, orientation, gender, body type, singles, couples and all. Our only requirement is that students be no less than 18 years of age.

How long does a workshop last?

Typically 1.5 hours. We start on time and end on time, so don’t be late or you will miss part of the presentation.

Can I take pictures?

No. We are a space committed to the privacy of all who attend. We invite you to use phones, notebooks and laptops for the purpose of taking notes. But respecting a participants privacy is a requirement.

Is there nudity at these events?

No. There’s no nudity involved. We use props and diagrams to deliver practical tips, techniques and a whole lot of inspiration. You will laugh, you will learn and your personal space will be respected at all times.

Do you do private events or bachelorette parties?

Yes! You have a few options. Contact us for details.

  • You are invited to bring your party to any of our events. Give us advanced notice and we will even provide a free gift for your guest of honor! (With parties of 4 or more.)
  • We can do an do a private workshop for you and your guests in our space.
  • And some of our sex educators are also available to come to you for bachelorette parties and private events.

How do I purchase tickets?

Click on our Upcoming Classes page.

Is this space wheelchair accessible?*

Wheelchairs can easily enter the space. We are currently renovating to make the bathrooms accessible as well.  But please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have needs. We will work to accommodate the needs of individuals in any way possible.

Can I buy tickets at the door?

No. Tickets must be purchased in advance. This ensures your seat at the event as classes sell out consistently.

Can I get a refund?

If you are unable to attend a class, you must contact us and request your refund no less than 72 hours in advance. We are unable to transfer tickets from one class to another. Our policy is set in such a way because we are a collective of sex educators with a small management team. There are a limited number of seats available at each event. Because tickets are pre-paid, it is difficult to refund and fill slots with little notice.

How do I become a presenter at LAASE?

Contact us. Let us know who you are, where you have presented in the past, send video clips and links that will help us determine if you are a right fit for our curriculum.

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